What Features Do We Provide?

Clarity Air.

Here at Aztec Glass, we specialise in 'all inclusive' cloud based software, designed to fit YOUR business needs. We know our Glass Office is the best on the market, it was designed by you! Know what's best for you. Choose Clarity Air.

Double Glazing

Aztec Glass offers you superior yet user-friendly Double Glazing Modules for invoicing and costing, based on your company’s unique needs. Clarity automatically adjusts prices for ANY sized unit, as well as recognising special customer prices and added processes, and will do the hard work for you. Our Double Glazing Modules allow you to input different minimum areas for a variety of units, for different customer needs, and will process your instructions effortlessly and accurately. Apply different colours of spacer bars across a range of thicknesses and Clarity Air will calculate the costs for you, as well as warning you when a loss is likely. Quoting is managed through Clarity’s Integrated Costing System, meaning that competitive pricing has never been easier!

  • Fast, User-Friendly Data Entry System
  • All Area calculations to three decimal points
  • Metric or Imperial can be entered
  • Full Search facility to find 
  • Pricing: Standard Stock Prices, Discount Bands, Special Account Customers, Minimum Price for any Item, Unique ‘Beat a Quote’ Facility
  • Integrated Costing Program for high speed competitive quotes
  • Shaped Units, Stepped Units
  • Different Minimum areas for ANY unit and/or ANY customer
  • Energy Surcharge facility
  • ALL DG Unit Processing(including Leadwork, Georgian Bar, Holes for Vents, Stains, Bevels)
  • Cost Calculation of every DG Unit from all component parts
  • Automatic ‘On-screen’ warning display of Loss-making
  • Labels: Details automatically sent from Works Orders to Label file
  • Toughened Glass details automatically sent to Report file for Ordering
  • Profit or Loss for every DG Unit Invoiced
  • Departmental Profit or Loss for every DG Unit / Process Invoiced
  • Full editing and costing facilityon retrieved documents
  • Glass Cutting Lists
  • Total number of Items printed on Works orders and delivery Notes
  • Total Weights printed on documents for Loading vehicles
  • Links to an Optimiser & Cutting Bench


With our user-friendly, superior invoicing system, you can chase outstanding invoices without leaving your screen. Clarity Air's operating profit and loss file automatically saves the total cost and selling price for each invoice each month, allowing you to view the work-in-progress through on-screen document summary reports. With our optimum search and filter facilities, such as account code, telephone number and customer order number, mean you can save and recall documents whenever you wish. Once you have recalled a document you can edit it and save it or convert it to a work order; Clarity will then simply convert this into an invoice or delivery note when you are ready. The beauty of this system is its flexibility; you can create an invoice directly and its details can be converted to a Sales Ledger to calculations and printing.

  • Creation and conversion of Estimates, Works Orders, Delivery Notes, Invoices and Credit Notes
  • Recovery of Documents for viewing and editing
  • Optimum search and filter facility
  • Turnover/Profit or Loss Analysis available, Warning of Loss Making Items
  • Automatic conversion of invoices for Accounts posting
  • Crystal reporting for personal design
  • Printing availability in batches or individually
  • Excellent integrated Costing program
  • Document summary reports
  • Auto Posting facilities to reports, labels, Optimiser


With our simple costing system, the price of all items is automatically calculated and overheads are automatically recovered. Clarity does the work for you. The True Total Cost is displayed, with an Overhead allowance and Selling Price. The cost screen displays all the information you need, enabling you to make decisions efficiently and easily. Our Special Costing facility creates a unique selling rate for particular jobs, including Domestic, Commercial, Structural and Architectural Glazing. Clarity Air will re-calculate for transport costs, overheads and labour. The attraction of our costing system is that you can concentrate on your competitiveness and secure the sales you need, while Clarity Air provides you with precise, accurate and up-to date information.

  • Automatic On-Screen Access to Costing
  • Password Protection
  • Overhead Recovery
  • Profit or Loss Displayed
  • Creation of Accurate Selling Prices from COST
  • Invoiced items automatically transferred to Profit or Loss File


Clarity’s labelling program is impressive and accessible; glass details are transferred automatically to a Label section when you produce a Works Order and labels are then printed as a batch or individually. The filter feature allows you to locate labels/jobs/glass types/dates quickly and easily and the print status is adaptable for printing, holding and reprinting.

  • Creation of single glass / double glazed unit labels
  • Crystal reporting for designing labels
  • Full Editing facility
  • Filter and Search facility
  • Tag and Print Selection 
  • Flexibility: Create and Print Multiple labels or Single Labels
cloud based glass software

Toughened Glass Reports

Clarity Air’s Toughened Glass Report system enables you to send printed orders to your supplier; our software automatically sends details from single glass and double glazed unit items to the report file for you. The system includes an excellent editing facility for manual addition of items without producing extra work. The flexibility of Clarity’s system means that you are constantly in communication with your supplier, which is essential in today’s marketplace.

  • Printed Reports produced for your Supplier
  • Single Glass and Double Glazed Unit details catered for
  • Editing Facility for manual items: remakes/cancellations
  • Date Produced facility
  • Print all / Tag items to print selection
  • Cleardown facility for frequent use
  • Crystal Reporting to allow personal design


Clarity Air's system has been designed to work in harmony with processors, creating the most user-friendly system in the glass software market place today. Our clear thinking, glass office software ensures compatibility with all types of processing, such as edgework, bevelling, drilling, polishing etc. With Clarity Air, YOU are in control of all your decision-making and calculations. The intuitive and easy to use design allows you to shape your business needs the way you want them to be. Clarity Air can handle all different variables, whilst doing the maths for you. The system automatically charges the correct processing fee to a particular type and size of glass, which means you don’t have to. Pricing errors are simply eradicated with Clarity Air and special customer discounts are automatically calculated. Clarity is the interface you have been waiting for, designed with you, and your future, in mind.

  • Processing/Operations for Single Glass & Double Glazing Units
  • Flexibility: add a variety of different Processes and Operations
  • Calculations: Area, Each, Linear-Metre.
  • Up to 10 area breaks for each Process
  • Infinite Mark-up tables for thicker glass
  • Different Sizes Available for each Process
  • Quantity Breaks
  • Energy Surcharge facility
  • Pricing: Unique “Beat-a-quote” facility, Minimum price for any item, Taylor-Made, Automatic Pricing/Discounts for Different Customers
  • Separate Processing for Glass, Glazing and DG Units
  • Profit or Loss Departmental analysis for all Processing
  • Shape Mark-Up for all Processing
  • Add further Operations to existing Lines


Clarity Air takes the hard work out of accounting. Clarity Air links to your Accounting package or to run independently; the choice is yours. You can link or export to Xero, SAGE, MYOB, Quickbooks and more Accounting systems, depending on your preference. Clarity Air is the clear thinking, flexible solution to your company’s financial requirements.

If you accounts software is installed on site or in the cloud, we can talk to it
Aztec Optimiser


Annoyed at having to buy sub-standard software to get access to 15 year old DOS based optimisers? Minimising glass waste is a key factor in today’s market place; with every piece of glass having variable dimensions, cutting it becomes problematic and you need to be able to optimise your glass conversion from standard fixed sizes to variable pieces in order to remain profitable. Clarity offers a viable solution by allowing you to link to many optimisers. Our Aztec-Optimiser package gives you the option to manually input glass sizes, optimise clear and patterned glass from different stock sheet sizes and produce clearly detailed cutting diagrams tailored to your needs. Aztec-Optimiser gives you the most efficient results in the shortest possible time. Whether you need stock sheet sizes or full or split jumbo sheet sizes optimising, Aztec-Optimiser is the answer. It will link to most glass cutting tables and it easy to use; by optimising your glass cutting, you will optimise your business. And yes, Clarity Air's optimiser software is INCLUDED.

  • Manual option to increase optimisation of items
  • Detailed Cutting Diagrams
  • Flexibility: Caters for Stock Sheet and Full/Split Jumbo Sheet sizes
  • Reduce wastage down to 3-6%
  • Compatibility: Links to most glass cutting tables
  • Useful help screens
  • Easy configuration available for individual operatives

Live Production Manager

Clarity’s Live Production Manager software eases the workload of your staff by organising the tracking of your glass through its many processes: from start to finish. As your glass is cut it is checked and logged, and Live Production Manager continues its tracking on the workshop floor, from the cutting bench to the edging machines, laminators and beyond. Clarity takes care of your product through each stage of the process to give you peace of mind and to ease your workload. The software tracks your glass through a percentage system, telling you exactly what stage of the process your product is at, from cutting to delivery to customers. With Clarity’s Live Production Manager, you are in safe, capable hands and your staff’s workload is managed effectively, ensuring that you stay ahead of the competition.

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