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• Processing/Operations for Single Glass & Double Glazing Units • Flexibility: add a variety of different Processes and Operations • Calculations: Area, Each, Linear-Metre. • Up to 10 area breaks for each Process • Infinite Mark-up tables for thicker glass … Read More


• Manual option to increase optimisation of items • Detailed Cutting Diagrams • Flexibility: Caters for Stock Sheet and Full/Split Jumbo Sheet sizes • Reduce wastage down to 3-6% • Compatibility: Links to most glass cutting tables • Useful help … Read More


• Creation of single glass / double glazed unit labels • Crystal reporting for designing labels • Full Editing facility • Filter and Search facility • Tag and Print Selection • Flexibility: Create and Print Multiple labels or Single Labels


• Automatic On-Screen Access to Costing • Password Protection • Overhead Recovery • Profit or Loss Displayed • Creation of Accurate Selling Prices from COST • Invoiced items automatically transferred to Profit or Loss File