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Next-generation Glass Office

As the only fully inclusive cloud based glass software , we are: Fast, Efficient, Fully Customisable, Mobile, Affordable & Adaptive

A Fresh New Approach

Clarity Air has been reworked from the ground up. The only Glass business management software you need. Extensive research across the industry has allowed the creation of glass software that works for you. Adopting a flexible approach to the industry, Clarity Air glass software has been designed to work the way your business model works not forcing you to work to ours.

User Experience

Glass industry manufacturing software has not had a reputation for simplicity or ease of use. Clarity Air glass office is changing this. All the information that you need, displayed as you need it. Totally flexible and customisable layouts allow you to work cleanly and a lot more efficiently. Clarity Air saves you time, reduces errors and increases productivity.

Modern Interface Design

With smart fully customisable layouts to suit your working needs, Clarity Air is the glass office that works for you with contextual screens that work the way that you want to work and the way that suits you. Screen sensitive menus show you the options you need as you need them. Fast switching between screens has never been simpler.

Business Strategy

Clarity Air is not only designed with the end user in mind its designed around your entire business. From sole-trader to glass production and everyone in-between, Clarity Air will fit seamlessly right in with your business models. From full reporting to exporting to accounts software, cutting tables and everything else that you need..seamlessly.

Clarity Air, the perfect fit for your business

Rebuilt from the inside out

First Georgina, then Clarity. We asked all of our clients and prospective buyers what they wanted from their glass processing software. We listened, used the latest software and the best technology. Clarity Air: Written by us, guided by you.

Exquisite Design

Your workspace no longer needs to harp back to the 90's – unless you want it to. Clean crisp uncluttered screens aid in accurate and intuitive data entry.

Unlimited Upgrades

Did we mention we provide on-going free updates? We have worked with a lot of efficient and successful businesses that have helped us provide the best software out there. Have an idea? Share it with us.

Give your business the advantage.

Industry-leading attention to detail

Clarity Air was designed and built around industry consultation. We spoke to a lot of companies all over the UK to ensure you get the right software at the right price and found that accuracy, flexibility, scalability and stability were key to every request. We made these things key to our service. Clarity Air is everything you asked for and more.

Smart Search

Search on any piece of data and Filter the results quickly and with ease. With predictive entry, your data is at your fingertips.

Fast Cloud Upload

Clarity Air is a SaaS service. We partner with Tier1 service providers to ensure that your data is always to hand.

"A groundbreaking design that delivers on its promises and exceeds expectations- even with the bar set high. This truly feels like the future of manufacturing."
Sandra Thompson
Tech Reviewer

Why Choose Clarity Air?

Aztec Glass are the leading Software developers and providers in the specialist field of Pricing / Costing and Invoicing systems for the Glass Industry. With an In-House experience of over 50 years in the Glass & Window sectors, we are provided with and able to use efficiently an excellent knowledge of Industry requirements. The Clarity & Georgina Systems were the start, produced by Aztec Glass (formally GlassCalc) and were the results of over 25 years of continuous development and improvement in the glass software environment.